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Welcome to ThinkTankTalents

ThinkTankTalents (TTT) was founded 1st September 2009 with a mission to fuel the debate on the lack of talent in Denmark.

TTT works with the development and execution of projects, which will enable Denmark to attract and attain Danish as well, as foreign talents.

Our projects are financed partly by foundations and partly by the membership fees.

Denmark lacks talents!

The OECD predicts that growth in the Danish economy will fall within the next 10 years due to the lack of talents within technology, economy, medicine, research and design. Elderly people will dominate the Danish population. If we wish to sustain our high standard of living and our knowledge society, we are dependent on being able to attain our own Danish talents as well as attracting foreign talents. This can be both in the form of a foreign workforce as well as foreign students and scientists.

Following the positive response towards the idea of a new international campus at the historic Carlsberg Brewery ground in Copenhagen, ThinkTankTalents is currently entering the second phase of the project.


The vision is to establish a campus environment in Copenhagen, which provides housing for foreign and Danish talented, young people – housing which is so desperately needed, to facilitate integration and innovation.

The campus will consist of around 1,100 rooms for students and young trainees as well as 400 flats and houses for older students, trainees and research people.

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Summary (see video below)

The symposium focused on the need to attract and retain talent to and in Denmark, spurred by the documented fact that in 2019 Denmark will lack 105.000 academics to be able to maintain our well-fare society.

As part of the symposium the ambitious plans for a new campus at the Carlsberg Brewery ground was presented by ThinkTankTalents.

The Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen and Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation expressed their initial support for the project.

Microsoft, Nykredit, A. P. Møller-Mærsk and Medicon Valley Alliance also contributed with speakers. See programme below.

The symposium was hosted by Carlsberg who sees the campus project as an important contribution to the ongoing development of a new city at the old brewery ground.

  1. Opening by ThinkTankTalents and moderator Maria Pejter, Senior Director A. P. Møller-Mærsk

  2. Minister for Science, Technology & Innovation,  Charlotte Sahl Madsen

  3. Lord Mayor of the City of Copenhagen Frank Jensen

  4. CEO Charlotte Mark and Trainee Mihai Mihaila, Microsoft Development Center Cph

  5. Group Director Bente Overgaard, Nykredit

  6. CEO Stig Jørgensen, Medicon Valley Alliance

  7. Presentation of the main findings from the feasibility study of Copenhagen Campus

  8. __________

  9. “Two cold from the box” – a testimony by Journalist and immigrant, Rushy Rashid Højbjerg

  10. Representatives from universities, businesses, city council and the government attended the symposium. In the center CEO Stig Jørgensen, Medicon Valley Alliance, The Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen (right) and CEO Bente Overgaard, Nykredit flanked by Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation